Retirement Planning

Many people wait until later in life to get started with wealth management. There’s a popular misconception that “you have to have money to make money.” However, in most cases a small investment made early in life can do significantly better than a larger commitment down the line. We can help formulate a plan that will get your money working for you. Think of Southlands Financial as a resource—we can find answers to any questions you may have about your options.

Planning for the future can be intimidating. In today’s financial climate, many people are finding it challenging to save for retirement. We can help you craft an effective plan to maximize your wealth over time and ensure you can maintain your quality of living throughout your lifespan.

Estate Planning

Leaving end-of-life planning up to fate can result in serious losses and complications. We provide solutions that help minimize taxation while providing maximum assistance to your loved ones after you’re gone.

Risk Management

An unexpected accident or illness can result in serious setbacks and financial challenges. At Southlands Financial, we help make sure you and your family are prepared for anything, so you can focus on the things that matter.

What We Offer

We offer a range of insurance and investment options. Some of our more popular options are listed below. Wondering if we offer something not listed here? Get in touch.


  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Group Benefits
  • Mortgage Insurance (ask me why buying insurance from your lender is the worst thing you can do)


  • SEG Funds
  • RRSPs
  • TFSAs
  • RESPs

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