Southlands Financial is proud to be a premier provider of employee benefit programs. We offer full benefits packages for companies of any size, from 2 to 2,000 and beyond, all with the personal, reliable service that we are known for.

Choosing the Best Employee Benefits Plan

Whether you’re self-employed with a small support staff or operate a large corporation, we can custom design a benefit plan to suit your needs. Looking for other options? We also provide health spending accounts, group retirement savings plans and more.

A few of the benefits we can build into your plan include extended health care, dental care, critical illness insurance, life insurance, and disability insurance.

Keeping Your Employee Benefits on Track

We are committed to ensuring the long-term health and sustainability of your employee benefit program. That means keeping the program affordable for you, and checking in periodically to ensure you’re still satisfied with your coverage. We’ll assess your needs and budget, provide you with details on a variety of coverage options, and help recommend the best program for you.

Have an existing benefit plan? We’d be happy to review it at our expense, and give you our no-obligations professional opinion.

For more information about our offerings or to discover the employee benefits solution that will work best for your company, get in touch.